It all began when our Founder David took a recent trip to Vietnam..

Most of the time it remains a beautiful country but unfortunately, its surrounding waters are plagued with a devastating amount of plastic. David was shocked when he saw the impact it was having. Every morning he would wake up and walk along the beach only to find plastic after plastic washed up over the night. The amount of plastic was so bad you couldn't swim in the ocean without seeing plastic float past. The most shocking part, the majority of the plastic was drinking bottles.

Upon returning to Australia he realised things are very similar. As a country, we use over 1 billion single-use coffee cups every year and plastic bottle use is the highest it's ever been. That 3 minutes it takes to finish a bottle of water is nothing compared to the thousands of years it takes for that same bottle to decompose. And even worse if that bottle ends up in our beautiful oceans.

These images stuck with David and he immediately knew something had to change.

Then came the idea for MY BAMBOO. A functional bottle with organic bamboo and glass. MY BAMBOO now has a range of drinking bottles, infusers, and mugs that provide an alternative to single-use plastic bottles and allow you to look good while hydrating. Every bottle features eco-friendly bamboo which is one of the world's most sustainable resources.

MY BAMBOO is on a mission to replace these single-use plastic bottles with something better, something classy. Whether you brew tea on the go or detox with some fruit infused water, MY BAMBOO has you covered. Say no to plastic, go bamboo and start hydrating in style.



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